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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Mijn probleem

My wife and I have had our iphone 5 for 2 years and the batteries just wouldn't hold a charge but for around 2 to 3 hours and would deplete from 100% to 50% before our eyes while surfing the web or using maps.

Mijn oplossing

Recieved our batteries and kit in just a few days. I had already watched a couple replacement videos and sat down at the table and went to work. I skipped the steps of removing the connectors for the screen and went straight to the battery connector while holding the screen up. I never pried the battery with the plastic tool. I just pulled up on the clear plastic tab next to the battery, it came out with no problem at all. Reversed the steps and about 10 minutes is all it took and most of that was just being cautious pulling up on the screen to open the phone.

Mijn advies

Do not rush removing the screen and skip all the nonsense of completely removing the screen.........it's completely 100% unnecessary! I think a lot of problems with people's phone after batt replacement comes from that step. I'm willing to bet Apple employees don't do that step either.

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iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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