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Repaired to IPhone 4s

ashleysbuilding -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Power & Lock Button Replacement

iPhone 4 Power & Lock Button Replacement

15 - 30 minuten


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Cracked panels, front and back. Bad ear piece speaker, bad power button

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The repairs went extremely easy considering I have never repaired any type of phone. I purchased an IFIXIT tool kit from Radio Shack. That is how I found you guys. My parts came in on time and repairs took place. One phone I had to only replace the back panel, super easy. The other phone had some serious issues. I could not believe I had the phone in what seemed to be a million little pieces. I had to install a new sensor cable, which I’m really glad I order because that's why the power button was not working. I had to replace the ear piece speaker to. Somehow it came apart and the cooper coiling was unraveling. I put the phone back together and its works great. Looks and sound brand new. It took about a total of three hours for both phone repairs. Now if I had to do it again I could in less than an hour. Your pictures and step by step instructions are the bomb!! The only thing I can think that would help is; on the photos you color code the screws but the screw heads are not. So when that sucker is in a million pieces those little Minion screws are all looking alike. So maybe a screw set with the same color code would be freaking AWESOME!! I would have gladly paid for them. That is what slowed me down. All in all I give you guys an A+

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Keep up the great website!!!

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