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My broken screen and dock connector

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iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

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My screen was cracked open in the top and bottom, i had to fix it, water was leaking through and the screen went blurry.. My phone didn't want to charge, and my headphones only worked on one end. A friend of mine was giving me a hug, and when she let go, she just smashed my phone into the ground. After that, my screen broke, and i could never charge my phone again :'( UNTILL!

Mijn oplossing

When I started the repair, I looked at the guide, and tried to unscrew my phone, at this moment, I noticed that my P2 bit from the toolkit was slightly broken, I didn't notice any difference at the beginning, but i'll come back to that part later. When I unscrewed the bottom screws on my iPhone 5, it went like a dream. I used the suction cup to open up the screen, so I could take it off, and began screwing the screws with my PH00 bit, easy peasy, and began unscrewing everything inside the phone, because that was necessary to change the dock connector. so I began unscrewing everything. When i was finished. I closed my phone the same way I opened it, just vice versa :P And boom, my phone got a new screen :D

I encountered a problem really quick. The earpiece to my new screen, didn't work, so I had to unscrew my screen again, and this is when I noticed the fault in my P2 bit. It wasn't easy at all to unscrew my screen, the screws didn't want to unscrew that easy anymore, but after struggling for about 10 minutes, I finally managed to do it, pressed the cables tightly in, and the earspeaker worked. I could now both charge my phone, connect it to speakers, and break my screen again, because now, I can fix my screen.

Mijn advies

The only advice i got for fixing my phone, was from the tutorials here on iFixit.

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