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Dropped and got the screen of death!!

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iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

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After my wife dropped her phone half of the screen didn't work, there were some kind of fuzzy lines barely noticeable going up and down on one half of the screen and that half didn't work when touched.

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We decided to look for a replacement screen and found this site, read the tutorial on how to replace it and came to find out that you guys also supply the screen, what really surprised me is that you guys also supply the tools to get the job done! I was really happy so I ordered the whole kit. I have to say the process was really easy because of the manual you guys made, very straight forward. I disassembled with no problems, specially because the tools you send are all magnetic and that is AWESOME!! The assembly was really simple as well, THANK YOU FOR THOSE MAGNETIC SCREW DRIVERS!! My wife was really happy to have her phone back online!!

Mijn advies

For anybody out there that is still thinking about doing this themselves or paying someone else to do it I say, BUY FROM THESE GUYS AND DO IT YOURSELF! I ordered my screen on the 29th of December and received it on the 2nd of January and that was with no speed shipping!

I'm a little tech savvy and I like taking things apart myself and making them work again, now I know how to replace an iPhone 5c screen!!

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