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Terrible Experience

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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

1 - 2 uren


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I was in the hospital after a terrible car accident and my nurse actually dropped my phone while she was handing it to me and shattered the screen. Instead of paying for a whole new phone, I heard about this site!

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After hours of taking the iPhone 4 apart and following the guide, I was finally able to replace the screen! My excitement fell short as the touch did not work at all. I was sent a faulty screen and contacted iFixit right away. I was sent a replacement screen. When I put the second screen on everything worked great! My luck fell short when only after two and a half weeks later the screen went completely black while I was using it. The phone still worked as I could hear it vibrating when I received texts/calls. I tried everything--restarting the phone, plugging it into iTunes and restoring it, taking it apart and checking for loose ends. Nothing worked. After being sent TWO FAULTY SCREENS, I was told I could not get refunded because it was past the 15 days. How was I supposed to know the screen was going to work for two weeks and then just shut off? I ended up taking it elsewhere and put a third screen on. This was such a terrible experience. I wasted so much time and money. Completely unsatisfied and will never buy anything from this site again.

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Save your time and energy and look elsewhere. This site was a rip-off.

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