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Front Display Glass Replacement

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Cracked my MacBook Pro screen. Possibly from cold weather, possibly from my nieces jumping on it.

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Fortunately I have an electronic engineer for a partner. I don't know if I'd been brave enough to attempt a "very difficult" repair without him, although I feel more confident now. We used the Mid 2010 MacBook Pro guide (MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Front Display Glass Replacement), which ended up leading us astray about halfway through as my computer is 2011. We disattached most of the interior parts and the battery before deciding to just attempt the repair with the top and bottom assemblies still attached.

It was relatively easy to get into the bottom case, and I'm glad we did--it'll make future repairs less daunting, and I was able to clean the interior (with air spray, denatured alcohol, and q-tips). The trickiest part was heating the rubber strip and getting the spudger beneath the glass but we were able to do it, even using some roughness, without damaging the LED. We also used a guitar pick and a fake credit card to pry out the glass, which went fairly quickly once it got started, other than the cracked bits.

The replacement glass had adhesive attached and was easy to apply, and the back case was easy to reattach. Now it's like I have a brand new computer!! The glass was only 19.99 on eBay, a lot less than the $280 Apple quoted me. If you're fearful, I say give it a try. Thanks a lot ifixit!

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Repair your old stuff. Don't be part of the disposable consumer economy. Your conscience and pocketbook will thank you.

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