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One piece to rule them all! Actually two, because two fell out randomly.

jhansen905 -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 (GSM/AT&T) Screen Replacement

iPhone 4 (GSM/AT&T) Screen Replacement

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Mijn probleem

Bought the phone with a cracked screen. So it was a do or die sort of scenario with fixing it. However, knew enough about electrical repair and how to follow a youtube guide to fix it.

Mijn oplossing

Repair was awesome, up until the re-assemble. A shield fell out that I guess I didn't grab from the initial pull apart. This made me very afraid that I had done something incorrectly. Another problem came when a small piece with a micro-chip popped out as well with the shield. So, if you follow the icracked guide (youtube) because for some odd reason we could not get the guide to work for iFixit to work. They do not explain there is a shield in the beginning that comes off with the wifi shield I guess. Once this was all put back into place, whamo, blamo, and boomshockalocka the phone worked perfectly and the screen was beautiful. Funniest part was my ringer silence switch did not work before the fix. After the fix however, it works great. Did not do anything except flip it a few times and tap it with the screw driver. Checked the ribbon and it was intact.

Mijn advies

Put a piece of clear and wide tape over the glass before you pull the front off. It will contain all of the little pieces from going everywhere. Also, using a muffin tin, preferably a mini one makes keeping track of the screws a lot easier. And have a helper.

iPhone 4 (GSM/AT&T) Screen afbeelding
iPhone 4 (GSM/AT&T) Screen


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