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Broken screen

jpa4417 -

iPad 4 CDMA

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

1 - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

I dropped my iPad several months ago and it landed in the bottom left corner and unfortunately slightly crushed a small piece of the glass in that corner. Actually no big deal as it was hardly noticeable and did not affect the iPad operation. However overtime due to holding the iPad and applying pressure in that area, large cracks started to radiate out across the screen from that original damage area,something had to be done. As it was a 64gb gsm system and replacement was expensive and the iPad still worked well, there had to be a better answer....... And then I stumbled on your site and associated YouTube videos that made it seem easy...... And you know was! Spend $100 and an hour or so instead of $900 an easy decision!

Mijn oplossing

Overall very well and as I expected. System works perfectly and looks new! Shattered and cracked glass makes the job take a lot longer to remove the old.

The repair kit coming pre-taped with home button and camera mount saves a great deal of time....Thank You

Mijn advies

Your instructions are not updated to reflect that the kits are pre-taped with mounts installed.

Plastic blue tools are worthless as they bend and get cut by glass and could not make initial lift of the glass to start the process, I switched to a metal tool ( thin knife blade ) for initial penetration.

No twesers in kit and I didn't have a pair at home. Tough to do without them.

Overall a great value and some fun to work on. Thanks!

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