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iPhone 5 screen replacement

JeremyDunworth -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

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My wife's iPhone 5 had a broken screen. I had repaired a previous iPhone 4S screen and it took multiple attempts to get the screen to work, and then it just stopped working again within a year. So I bought the iPhone 5 display assembly with home button and front camera, since the extra cost for the home button and front camera was quite small and it seemed like it would save many steps in the repair process.

Mijn oplossing

Repair went smoothly after I finally got the screen off. As mentioned in the comments on the guide, it is very difficult to get the screen off the iPhone 5 and it is critical to get the plastic opening tool between the screen and frame just to the right of the audio jack, as hinted at in the photo in the guide. I ended up using two opening tools to work my way up both sides of the phone. Since I released the screen using the plastic opening tools, I did not have any problem with the screen popping off suddenly as mentioned by some of the other comments. Otherwise, replacement went smoothly and so far the phone seems to be working. Screen is good, touch is working, as are both cameras, the speaker and the home button.

Mijn advies

Have extra plastic opening tools on hand. I seem to destroy one of those for each phone I fix or attempt to fix. Otherwise, as other commenters noted, there is a recess in the the screen frame just above the audio jack, and this is the best place to get the opening tool into the phone to start releasing the internal clips. Also, the advice to reinstall the screen starting from the top and working your way to the bottom was helpful.

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iPhone 5 Screen


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