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iPad 4th gen Flaky Video output

robertprincehum -

iPad 4 CDMA

iPad 4 CDMA Adhesive Strips Replacement (Existing Panel)

iPad 4 CDMA Adhesive Strips Replacement (Existing Panel)


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The screen shows only snow.

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The iFixIt repair components worked fantastically! I was able to use the heat gun to melt the adhesive holding the touch pad digitizer to the iPad frame. i used: the set of picks to help separate the digitizer from the frame without damaging the plastic ring around the case; I the screwdrivers to remove the LCD; the plastic pry tools to open the LCD ribbon cable connector; the tweezers to reseat the ribbon cable; the replacement adhesive to reassemble the unit. The iFixIt tools and supplies were perfect! They worked as advertised and made the daunting task of opening a seemingly impenetrable iPad easy (I really mean easy). Unhappily, the problem was not a poorly seated ribbon cable. my iPad unfortunately seems to have other problems. Likely a failed integrated circuit.

Mijn advies

It's worth opening these iPads 'just in case' there is something 'dumb' that can be fixed, like a cable that has become loose due to dropping the iPad or jostling it in carry on luggage. Mine has seen about 300,000 frequent flier miles in 2 years, so maybe it did as well as can be expected. Although having it fail 8 days after the warranty and AppleCare expired was not pleasant. The iFixIt videos and tools are an absolute MUST of opening (and closing) these sealed products. Opening my iPad went so smoothly that you CANNOT tell it was opened: no scratches, bent plastic ring, cracked glass, etc. One idea is that you should always wear gloves so you don't leave fingerprints, and you should have some canned air handy to clean particles off the LCD and back of the digitizer. Sometimes even with the best effort, something cannot be effectively repaired as in my case. But, it was worth a try.

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