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Jimmying a stubborn watch back

Paul -

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My Sturhling watch is battery powered and had run out of juice. I hate going to watch repair shops and especially hate getting batteries replaced at the cheap mall kiosks since you never know what kind of batteries they are using. Hint: if it's less than $10 service total, it will not likely be the good batteries. I have a small arsenal of watch repair tools, but this one watch has a back that I had not been able to take off with my existing tool set.

Mijn oplossing

In the end, I was able to successfully complete the repair using my newly purchased Jimmy knife and some of the prying tools from my ProTech kit. The Jimmy was the big hero here. I pried all around the edge of the back a few times. When I had edged the back up a tiny bit, I was able to use one of the metal probes from the ProTech to help the rest of the way. After putting a new quality battery in, the watch is great again!

Mijn advies

If you have a tough, press-fit watch back, you cannot hurry. Removal is a slow process as described above. Remember to remove the watch band from the case. Also be thoughtful of where your tools will go to if you slip. You really want to be careful to avoid being cut or stabbed by your own hand.

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