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Lenovo yoga wouldn't take charge when plugged in/battery wouldn't charge

caseyw5103 -

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I have a Lenovo yoga 3 and had used it maybe twice before the battery stopped charging, and shortly thereafter the device wouldn't even pull a charge when plugged in. Tried all the simple things, like holding the button down for 5 10 20 seconds. Apparently this was a common problem but there were no quick fixes online, except one that read "take out the screws" and "localize" the battery. After buying a friend the Pro Tool Kit for an early Christmas present (he was in heaven and I had no tiny screw drivers that would get these screws out), he removed the 10(?) screws from the back, gently removed the backing. He then Removed the screws holding the battery into place (note: there is a screw fastened in the CENTER of the battery, and is easily missed because of the text on the product sticker). Once the screws were removed, he disconnected the batter (plug connection, not held in place by a latch). He the reinstalled the battery by reversing said steps. Plugged the reassembled laptop it into the wall and Presto! It was pulling a charge.

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The back side was a bit difficult to pull off, and the screw in the middle of the battery really through us for a loop. But the fix worked, hopefully it's not a recurring problem.

Mijn advies

The plug connecting to the battery is not latched in, simply pull horizontally out of its sockets

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