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iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

5 - 30 minuten


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I was hiking across Black Rock desert at night using the light from my phone to both show me the way and to use as a rescue beacon when the battery died. Stuck there in the middle of the 740 square mile vastness of the largest land mass in the lower 48 with no natural life forms, with not tools other than a pocket knife and a Bic lighter, I started a small fire, using my socks and underwear as fuel, and set about converting my phone to propane power. I worked tirelessly through the night and had successfully completed the task just before dawn only to find that there in the distance, was the entrance gate to the Burningman festival. I was able to barter a foot massage, and a professional tooth cleaning for some larger propane hose and a fully charged 1 pound propane tank to keep my phone going till I could make other arangements. Now that I had cell service, I was able to call a limousine service from Reno to come out to get me, and transport me to the Reno Airport. On the ride into Reno I called my broker and had him sell off some IBM stock that had skyrocketed to $192, and transfer that money into my checking account, in time to cover the debit card transaction that afforded me a first class ticket back to Seattle. I ordered my new iFixit battery kit as we arrived at the Reno Airport, then set about dis-mantling the propane power pack, knowing TSA was never going to let me through security with it. Little did I know there would be a hijacking attempt, and engine failure, and a tire blow out that would keep us stalled on the tarmac in Portland for 2 days, but the food was good, the service amazing, and I was able to negotiate a date to take the mail plane from Lake Union to each of the San Juan Islands for lunch in the company of the co-pilot, a skydiving enthusiast who taught me a thing or two about control lines. When I finally arrived home I had just enough time for a relaxing shower a quick snack of wild turkey baked at 325 degrees while enclosed in a brown paper bag, seasoned with alder smoked sea salt and coffee grounds, and a few minutes to check my email, when there was a knock at the front door. I waited breathlessly until my man-servant Raoul knocked twice on my secret hideaway door, and delivered to me a small bubble wrap envelope with my new iFixit battery and took kit inside.

Mijn oplossing

The most complicated part of the task was disassembling and safely removing the improvised fuel cell for safe disposal. Once that was accomplished the installation of the new battery was a snap! The job was done in the time it took Raoul to put just the right amount of hand made whipped cream on the pumpkin pie!

Mijn advies

Be careful not to over-power the fuel cell. The micro-incinerator wants to suck up more fuel that it really needs, so just crack the valve on the propane tank for a few seconds then close it back down until you hear the cooling fans start to wind down. Replacing the battery? Operate by observation. It is so easy a third year engineering student could do it. For those of you with no where-with-all or basic mechanical skills at all, go to You Tube and look it up. Do not accidentally mistype the URL to You !!%@. You won't find what you need there, or maybe you will.

iPhone 4 Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


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