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Opening up my iPod Touch Gen2

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Several years ago I dropped my iPod Touch in a cup of water. After drying it out, it worked up to a point but the touch screen was dead. I was able to make a final backup so all wasn't lost and I tossed it into the repair bin awaiting a rainy day. Today it was rainy and my handy opening tool arrived earlier this week. Off to the shop.

Mijn oplossing

The opening tool was very difficult to use and since I wanted to save it for the Nexus repair I want to attempt, I used plan B: my shop knife. I got the top cover off but managed to destroy the plastic edge in the process. Oh well. It appears that the touch screen connector pins may be a bit corroded which would explain the touch screen problem. I'll try cleaning them later. Watch for episode #2! The spudger was much handier to use in handling the tiny display connector than the opening tools were in opening the case.

Mijn advies

Be VERY careful when prying off the cover of an iPod touch! I would probably not resort to using a razor blade next time but the plastic tools require a touch I haven't quite acquired just yet. It's very difficult to shove them into that tiny little crack.

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iFixit Opening Tool


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