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Display repair

joeruyle -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

15 minuten - 1 uur


Mijn probleem

Broken glass over display. (really need to learn to control my temper) The phone still worked (to it's credit) but was difficult to read.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went well after getting the old display out. That operation took two people to initiate but once I could get the little plastic tool between the frame and display it popped right out. I'm a big guy @ 6'-2" and 225...... so big hands. The tiny little screws on the connector cover were super fun to get back in. The little bitty connectors were a treat too. (how do they make things that small??) After much tinkering though everything went back together and the phone looked a worked like brand new. Then I left it setting somewhere for several days. Finally found it with the battery begging for a charge. Forgot about it again while charging and left it there for two more days. (obviously I'm not phone dependent) Finally remembered it and it was still dead. Took it to the AT&T store and they sent me to an Apple repair center...... where they attempted to charge it but got a pale green screen with the internal code being displayed as it processed things....... then it froze like that. <shrug> I'm due for another phone in February so I'll probably toss it in a drawer till then. It will look great at trade in time though!

Mijn advies

Use some DE-magnetized tweezers to hold the little cross tip screws for the connector while you stick them to the end of a slightly magnetized screwdriver. (run the tip of the one in the kit over any magnet) With the screw now held on the tip of the driver it's easy to get them in. Wish I had a tip for the actual connectors to pass along too but you just have to gently fiddle with them until they stay in place. Prior to celebrating that event DO remember to put the connector cover back in place and screw it down prior to closing the phone up....... like I did. Yep! Had to pop it back open to install that part. Also power up the phone and check the display before you put that cover on. I had an 1/8th in wide light colored band running down my display but it went away after using the back of the plastic tool to press the connectors down tighter.

For $68 it's tough to beat. The apple shop here in town wanted $126. The only thing you'll need that is not in the kit is a piece of clear packing tape. Stick it as close to the edge of the phone over that round button as you can get it. Otherwise the little suction cup will not hold.

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