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Everything you need, except glue

liltechdude -

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I had a keyboard that got damaged by water on my unibody MacBook Pro, from 2010. I ordered a replacement OEM keyboard off of eBay; which I installed.

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It went very well. I had all of the tools that I needed to take apart and put back together my MacBook Pro. Replacing the keyboard on a unibody MacBook Pro requires removing just about everything from the chassis of the laptop. I was able to get the keyboard and the rest of the laptop reassembled, close, but not completely to mint, with this toolkit.

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While this toolkit had every tool I needed to take my MacBook apart, it didn't have everything I needed to put it back together like the way it was manufactured. The only thing missing was a little bit of glue. Apple uses glue to fuse the backlight diffuser to the keyboard in the 2010 MacBook Pro (and probably later models). There's also some miscellaneous areas I could have used some semi-permanent adhesive to get the laptop assembled the way it was. By this I mean, something between epoxy and paper glue.

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