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All was Lost, or about to be, what do I do now?

jhuffaker -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Hard Drive Replacement

5 - 30 minuten


Mijn probleem

Hard Drive was too full to Update or Even Backup ... 250Gb

Mijn oplossing

Bought a 500GB drive and rolled up my sleeves .. .. OOPs the guide called for lots of hardware I didn't have. The Driver kit was bought to replace the internal battery on my stepson's powerbook, but i was glad I had it when I got to the itty bitty screws on the hard drive.

Back to my problem .... Trust The Creators .. Trust .. plug in a terabyte USB drive and make a time machine backup .. then check it (amazing idea-but always, always check your backups LOL)

Apple has a boot to Lion partition creator that i skipped the step on, the terabyte, i made a partition with the Lion Boot Installer that will autorun the image.

so with a lump in my throat I turned of the computer, pulled out the battery, unplugged the power cable and removed the screws from the hard drive. It unplugged easily, plugged the new one in, it was much thinner than the old one. Remembered to replace the little berry screws that hold it in place and slip it into it's spot to the left of the battery compartment.

All tucked in and tight, battery back in, power cable back on. Cover on, turned over, USB drive back on with the boot drive on it and the backup, hit the power button.

Success, Apple logo, a little slower than usual, but there, get to the screen that lets me format the hard drive. Thought I needed to do that. Found out later this was an extra step, I could have skipped this, when time machine went to reinstall, it formatted the drive over again.

After all this it asked me if i wanted to reinstall from Time Machine, I say Yes, and it goes on to a two hour reformat and reinstall into the 500GB hard drive.

After all that is done, everything is perfect.

all done and good.

by the way, the first battery I received did not charge, and they sent out a second one right away and it was fine.

all is fine and good, the other repair to the powerbook was easy and the battery was fine there also.

the 54 bit driver kit is something to have around or maybe glued under your dash, one under lock and key in your garage ... looks like you don't want to lend it.


Mijn advies

Don't wait, fix stuff

when something doesn't work the way it should have go back right then to the last thing you did. We changed the battery, it didn't charge, we tried lots of things, but the proof of the problem was putting the old battery back in, the old battery still charged.

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500 GB 5400 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive


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