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Changed 2007 vintage (3122) iMac hard drive

wildswing -

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My iMacs hard drive failed

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The swap went quite well except for a couple of hickups. If I had everything set up, it would have only taken about an hour.

Mijn advies

I recommend that those who write instructions make note of connector orientations when required. when I disconnected the hd temperature sensor it popped out so I had no chance to see how it was oriented. It's a 3 prong plug but only has 2 wires connected. Luckily it felt like it would only go in one way so keeping track may not be necessary.

I would add a magnet to the list of tools. Rub it with your screwdrivers and you'll magnetize them. This will lessen the chance of dropping those little screws.

A few small containers/glasses/cups make for good places to put little parts and screws. You could have one for each step. You won't mix them up that way.

I would add the double sided tape to the list of parts required just in case the HD temperature sensor bracket does not want to stick to the new drive. Mini did not. Luckily I had some clear silicone available so used that. Took it a while to set up before I could reinsert the sensor. I also added a dab on top of the bracket so the foam had something to stick to.

I slightly deformed the temperature sensor connector. I would recommend people remove the temperature sensor from the hard drive, then set it aside without unplugging it. It'll be out of the way so you'll be able to change the drive without disconnecting. That connector is made of pretty soft plastic. My finger nails are not long enough or get it it so had to use my mini needle nose pliers. They deformed the connector a little.

I would also encourage folks to cover the LCD screen as soon as it's exposed. I was very careful but yet somehow scratched it. It's just a little scratch in the corner so it's not a big deal, but just goes to show how things can happen even thought you think you take all the precautions. I'd cover it with some Saran Wrap or similar.

I also has some trouble getting the aluminum frame to sit back down on the frame. I finally got it by dropping it straight down on the frame rather than one side at a time. Originaly I put it all back together then found I could not reinstall the memory module door. The cover was not seated far enough back onto the frame. I had to remove the glass and aluminum cover completely to reinstall it. Once I got it oriented right, it just fell into place. Drop it straight down. If the mic wires get in the way, just let it sit for a bit and nudge the wires out of the way with the spudger, then go back to dropping the cover straight down gain.

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