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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

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I recently purchased a used Iphone 4s to replace my 3Gs. The phone worked well but was dropping battery charge quickly. It would discharge from 100% to about 60% in just a few hours. At 40% charge, it would then discharge down to 0 and shut down within an hour. My total "light" use time was less than 5 hours. I explored the various websites on self replacing the battery. Having previously attempted to replace my 3Gs battery, I was pleased to read how accessible the battery was in the 4S model. My website search revealed a wide range of replacement battery services with plenty of warnings about NOT buying a cheapo battery, as many are merely repackaged used batteries. Commenters on several websites strongly urged going with a reputed source, and Ifixit rose to the top of my search. I placed an order for a replacement battery for about $20, which compared with others selling for less than half that amount.

Mijn oplossing

I received the package within 3 days. The battery and necessary tools were well packaged in the Ifixit cardboard box. The package also included a set of Philip head case screws to avoid relying on those specialized star headed screwdrivers (what a great replacement idea!). The battery itself came very well wrapped in both a cellophane cover inside a bubble wrap. It seemed over-packaged, but reflected on the obvious good care that Ifixit makes in packaging their products.

The repair itself was extremely easy. After removing the 2 case screws and sliding the back cover up, it was easily removed. Using Ifixit's web instructions with excellent photos and instructions, only two additional screws were needed to be removed before the battery connector was ready to be lifted. The instructions provided plenty of caution about removing the connector, as well as the battery itself, which is glued in place. I took more time than needed to remove the battery as this was my first attempt at repairing the phone. I probably could have removed the battery in less than 60 seconds, but, with my extra care, it probably took 5 minutes. There is one tiny part that is connected to one of the battery connector screws that came loose. I wasn't careful enough to examine the exact position of this part, which connects with the back cover of the phone. Looking carefully at the instructions photograph, i couldn't quite tell whether this small part needed to be placed above the connector, or right below it, before screwing it in. I placed it below the connector, however, after finishing up the job, i noticed that the photo probably shows the part placed above the connector. No worries, as the phone worked just great and this seemed to make no different. After the connector was in place, and the battery seated, the back cover slipped right back on, and using the two new Philips head screws, the job was complete.

I did not have a program that fully checks the condition of the battery, so i was unable to check to make sure that this battery was indeed "new" as advertised (by checking the recharge count). I charged the battery to 100 percent, and have been monitoring its discharge, leaving the phone on. After 5 days, the battery charge is now down to about 40%, indicating that this was probably a new battery, and, more importantly, a battery without any flaws. Specs show that stand by time is about 200 hours. I am very close to that rate, but still testing.

Mijn advies

Regarding replacing the battery connector back on the board, special care is needed in placing the small part that screws onto the connector. The part is so tiny that tweezers are needed to avoid handling with fingers (the instructions carefully warn not to get any finger oils on the part as the gold area connects to the back of the battery case. Having no tweezer available, I used a needle to hold the part at the screw hole until lined up, then screwed it in place. My only regret is not having purchased a new back cover which is available for about 12 bucks. My used Iphone had some scratches on the back cover. A replaced cover would have made the phone look brand new! Overall, Ifixit performed exactly as they represented they would. I will rely on this company again for any future repairs!

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