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My five-day phone

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Mijn probleem

I'd cracked the screen on my iPhone 5s, and then in removing said screen to repair it (a little more forcefully than appropriate) broke the cable connecting the button assembly to the board. Darn.

Mijn oplossing

Bittersweet. No problems with the repair itself - replaced the screen and button assemblies at the same time without much hassle, a little fiddly but the online guides were enough to assist. Since using a new button on a 5s means no more TouchID, I installed a white button on my black iPhone so it'd at least have novelty appeal.

It all worked brilliantly for about five days, then I managed to leave the phone on a train, or in a store somewhere, and now it is gone forever.

Update: People in my city are more honest than most, and a couple of weeks later I got the phone back via the local police. That brand spanking new screen was cracked again though, so back to iFixit. It's now back in my pocket & working as good as new, with the added bonus that I can now fix iPhone 5s displays with my eyes shut.

Mijn advies

Take better care when handling devices, they are expensive to replace. Avoid alcohol where possible. Always attempt to fix your own devices, it gives a sense of satisfaction despite everything.

iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly afbeelding
iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly


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