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Simple Fix

moutcault -

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c Home Button Replacement

iPhone 5c Home Button Replacement

1 - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

Friend had somehow cracked his screen and lost the home button at the same time! He ordered the screen himself and had me put it on but he did not order a home button. Didn't really bother to ask him how he lost his home button.

Mijn oplossing

Was really simple and straightforward. Way easier than replacing the screen. Opened up his phone - I was able to remove the button assembly (two small phillips screws) without having to remove and disconnect all of his screen cables. Put the home button in place and screwed the rest of the assembly back on. All done!

Mijn advies

Not really related to just this repair but it is advice with any iPhone repair.. Make sure you keep track of the screws as they are really small. Magnets can work but if a screwdriver or something like that suddenly snaps to the magnet - it could knock off the small screw and you will have no clue where it went. I would recommend always keeping the magnet just attached to the screwdriver itself. You could always just keep the small screws in the container. Other than the screws there isn't really much to worry about!

iPhone 5 and 5c Home Button afbeelding
iPhone 5 and 5c Home Button


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