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Front camera cable replacement for no audio on ear speaker

marianozc -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Front-Facing Camera and Sensor Cable Replacement

iPhone 5 Front-Facing Camera and Sensor Cable Replacement

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Mijn probleem

No audio was coming out of the ear speaker. First replaced the ear speaker, but that did not solve it. The symptom was audio would only come out if I pressed on the right side of the ear speaker...

Mijn oplossing

As always, the instructions by iFixit were SPOT ON!!! Awesome detailed instructions. I have been doing my own repairs since I had my iPhone 3G and every single model up to the 5, instructions are always great. Thanks iFixit!!! The parts I used were both purchased from iFixit and both worked. I prefer to pay a slight premiums from iFixit (vs. seller on from China) in order to ensure that things will work.

Mijn advies

I am all thumbs, perhaps for that reason I always try to be extra careful. Also, I am 6'4'', therefore not only am I all thumbs...but they are pretty big.

The main piece of advice is BE PATIENT, don't try to rush. Many of the screws are different sizes, so make sure you keep them organized as you are disassembling. Also, be extra careful when you remove the contacts for the ear speaker as there is a little bit of glue. Comes out easy enough but just make sure you don't rip it out.

Lastly, right under the cable there are two tiny little pieces of rubber. One goes right next to the front camera and the other under where the ear speaker contacts go. They both have a hole in the middle. Just make sure that as you remove the cable you notice where they go, as I have read other people's reviews that mentioned that they were not careful with those two pieces and they ran into trouble later on (i.e. no audio coming out even after replacing the part). Apparently these two tiny littler rubber pieces apply pressure under the cable in order make a good contact.

Hope this helps...good luck!!

iPhone 5 Front Camera and Sensor Cable afbeelding
iPhone 5 Front Camera and Sensor Cable


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