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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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The screen was smashed and spiderwebbed on my iPhone 5 so I bought a new LCD/Digitizer/screen to fix it. Since the phone was 2 years old, and I have to open it up anyway, I figured I might as well replace the battery also even though it was working fine. I didn't want to have the battery go bad in a month and have to reopen the phone.

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Two pentalobe screws and a quick suction got the phone open (about 2 minutes). Three philips screws and then pop off 3 connectors and the screen is off (about 2 minutes). Two more philips screws and one connector and the battery is ready to be pulled out (about 2 minutes). Set the battery in place, push down, push the connector in, screw in the two philips screws and the battery is done (about 2 minutes). Push the three connectors for the new screen in, easy as pie, and screw the three philips screws in, turn it on to make sure its working before I push the screen back into the phone (the home button doesn't work until the screen is back in place, but the home screen came up (LCD connector), swipes worked (digitizer connector), and the camera worked (camera connector) … they don't say to do this in the guide but I didn't want to wait until the screen was all the way in and find out I had a problem. That took about 5 minutes because the screws are small and one of them isn't magnetized so you can't just put it on the screwdriver and guide it into the hole). Now came the tough part … since one of the corners of the phone was slightly misshapen from the fall that cracked the screen, it took a bit of messing around to get the screen back in (about 10 minutes).

Mijn advies

This would have cost me about $200 to replace the screen and the battery at a phone repair shop. It was half the cost and, since I got the parts from iFixit I didn't have to worry about the quality of the parts that are being schlepped off on unsuspecting buyers from ebay and amazon. The tool kit that came with the screen had exactly the 4 tools I needed. One piece of advice,,, the screws are really small (almost the size of a grain of sand), so make sure you have a work area of about 3ft by 3ft with a flat, soft, single color (such as a white pillowcase) in case you drop a screw (it won't bounce and it's easy to find) … do not use a wooden table with a grain pattern. I used a piece of tape to stick the screws to when I took them out, in roughly the same pattern as I took them out, so I could make sure the screws didn't get lost and went back into the same hole they came out of.

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