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Slippery fingers, gravity and asphalt - not a good combo for iPhones!

Ed Clark -

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 5c LCD and Digitizer Replacement

30 minuten - 1 uur


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The phone slipped from my hand as I was pulling it out of my pocket. As I tried to grab it, I actually flipped up higher in to the air as I then watched it come crashing down to the parking lot asphalt. I turned it over praying the case did its job - but found the screen to be shattered. It still worked, but was a visual nightmare to read the display. Also was not kind to my fingertips for swiping (guess maybe I should have used a screen protector, eh?). It is a compnay phone that I just recently had replaced (my last phone went swimming with me) so I was not inclined to request that my employer replace it again. And the nearest Apple Store is 2 hours away. So a friend of mine suggested I checkout ifixit and get the repair parts I needed.

Mijn oplossing

This was my foray in the world of phone repair. But the tutorials made it so easy to do. Only two things that made the process a bit hairy - 1) the tiny screws and 2) my lack of patience!! But we got through it. Took all of about 30 minutes to get it done.

Mijn advies

Much cheaper to fix it yourself AND best bet is to invest in the higher-end replacement parts you get through ifixit versus the cheap alternatives from other online outlets (i.e. Amazon).

iPhone 5c Screen afbeelding
iPhone 5c Screen


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