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The pentalobe reveals the truth

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I purchased this driver set primarily to get at the innards of a 2011 MacBook Air which had suffered some "liquid damage," and by that I mean it had shared a tote bag with a leaky Gatorade. A friend pointed-out that "once the magic computing smoke is released, there is little hope," but I was interested in doing some dissection, cleaning, and seeing what could be salvaged.

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The driver set was fine – nice packaging, and all the bits I needed. Primarily, the P5 pentalobe was what I needed to get to the most basic: the bottom cover off, I was able to clean the (orange) Gatorade from the components. Sadly, it wasn't enough to salvage the (expensive part) logic board, but at least I got the personal data from the SSD, and could eBay the working bits.

Mijn advies

The SSD on the 2011 MacBook Air is easily accessed with the bottom cover off, but is not a standard connector, and doesn't share pinouts or sizing with very-similar-looking mSATA and 2012 MB-Airs. Don't be fooled into thinking you could re-purpose that 256GB for another model computer, or find a simple way to get the data off of it. Look for USB couplers specifically targeted at that generation machine, if you need anything from the SSD.

Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits afbeelding
Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits


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