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Live or Let die - my Macbook Pro decision?

amlee17 -

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I don't use my Macbook Pro a lot and lately, I haven't been able to use it at all. I have been upgrading OS X and somewhere along the way, it got sluggish. Lots of room on the hard drive. However, I had purchased only 2 GB of RAM at the time. I had to decide whether I should invest the money and upgrade the RAM to see if it would boost the speed of my 2009 Macbook pro or whether I needed to get rid of it and start saving for my next one. In addition to this, the battery had finally given out, even though, I didn't use it a lot. It was giving me a Service Battery warning. Was it time?

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After reading your article on iFIXIT.com, I realized that this was a very simple repair. My only worry was that I would damage my Macbook Pro in the process. So, I started sourcing out 8 GB of RAM and a new battery. Once I procured them, I ended up buying the tools that I would need to do the repair.

Removing the 10 screws was relatively easy with the Phillips #00 Screwdriver. I also had a Torx screwdriver kit that had the right attachment as well.

Once the cover was off, I was able to remove the RAM very quickly and replace it with the 8 GB that I had bought.

Getting the battery out was more difficult, as it required the Y1 Tri-wing screwdriver; however, two screws later and voila, I was able to remove the battery without any issues. I was worried about the battery connector to the computer but it came off without a hitch. I replaced the battery in to the battery slot in my Macbook Pro and then proceeded to screw it down with my Tri-Wing. I was able to put the connector back on without any issues and seal up my Macbook like I had never touched it.

I booted up the Macbook pro and it was exceptionally faster. The Service Battery indicator was also gone. I checked and sure enough, the Macbook pro recognized my RAM. The computer was no longer sluggish and is able to keep up with me.

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The right tools will definitely go a long way, and also having the instructions in front of me on another computer also helped. Don't mix up the Phillips for the Tri-Wing, as you'll have issues.

Also, you may also want to buy some canned air to clean out the inside of your Macbook pro, while you're at it, since, it will save you time from having to reopen it again to clean it. Might as well get it back to Day 1 while you're at it.

Good luck!

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