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Don't Drop Your iPad!

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iPad Mini CDMA

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

1 - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

The iPad's front panel glass breaks too easily when it's only protected by Apple's "Smart Cover" and it drops 3 feet to blacktop! Literally hundreds of spider cracks over the front panel, but the iPad kept on working.

Mijn oplossing

With all the cracks in the glass the suction cup couldn't lift the glass enough to get the removal process started. Finally resorted to a single-bladed razor blade to pry up a small section to get the process started. Took about two hours to finally free the panel from the frame, and clean up the glass chards.

Once the front panel was removed, most everything else went well. Total repair time was about four hours, but I worked very carefully. Another major hurdle for me was getting the new digitizer connector connected. I just couldn't get it properly aligned to mate. But persisted and finally succeeded.

Turned on the iPad before reattaching the front panel and all was well!

Mijn advies

NEVER DROP YOUR IPAD! If you shatter the front panel glass it would probably be less frustrating to let Apple do the repair.

I sure don't plan to ever go through this repair again!

iPad mini 1/2 Screen afbeelding
iPad mini 1/2 Screen


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