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Replaced LCD Screen on iPhone 4S

wilkinsonmaria -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

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I dropped my iphone 4S from about 3ft on to a wood laminate floor. It had been dropped many times before with not so much as a scratch but this time I think my iphone's self destruct feature kicked in. Apparently 3 years is too long to have the same phone. The glass on the screen was unharmed but the lcd display would only show a bright array of rainbow colored stripes. My phone was locked so I was left with nothing. I could still talk to Siri using the home button to make phone calls but I could not answer incoming calls, hang up, or read or send text messages. A quick internet search informed me that my lcd screen was cracked. My goal was to simply repair the screen and avoid signing up with another two year contract with Verizon but after three days of waiting for my package to arrive I decided I could take it no longer and had to get a new phone before the I got the repair kit in the mail.

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Having purchased new phone really took the pressure off of the repair. I was able to fix it at a leisurely pace with no pressure to be successful. Honestly I didn't think I had it in me. The worst part was the two stand off screws. The flat head screw driver provided in the kit did not fit the screw properly. I tried several eye glass repair kit screwdrivers I had lying around the house and none of them fit either. Finally I was able to get the screw out using a steak knife. The whole process start to finish took about three hours. The pictures and instructions in the guide were excellent - very easy to follow and understand. The best feeling was turning the phone on and seeing the victorious apple on the power up screen.

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I used the box as my part storage as I took everything apart. I pushed each screw into the cardboard in order and laid the parts out along with the screws as I went. When it came time to re-assemble I just put everything back in reverse order. It worked without a hitch. Very impressed with myself and so happy to have my vacation pictures back that I hadn't backed up yet!

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