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Broken Glass? An iPhone dilemma.

dwesley1286 -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

2 - 5 minuten


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My 14 yr old daughter told me she needed a new phone. Yeah, not an option. Lol. Both front and rear glass was shattered, and the latest development was a charging issue. It would have cost twice as much for a company fix, and even more to replace.

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Everything came apart quite easily, the step by step instructions were great. My advice for anyone attempting the fix on their own, first time out. "Make sure you have great lighting, a divided tray and labeled tray for screws. Take a picture of the inside BEFORE you remove any screws. And take your time, oh and magnifying glass wouldn't hurt either." Those are the things I didn't have or do and wish I had. All in all, start to finish was a little over two hours, the phone works as it should, my daughter has her phone again, I saved a lot of money. And, the sense of accomplishment was awesome. Thank you iFix, all parts fit, arrived quickly and at a fair price. Two thumbs up!

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Take pics of the inside of the phone BEFORE removing any screws. That can provide a reference for reassembly. ( I didn't have this ) the best lighting possible or lighted magnifying glass. And a labeled parts tray, if I had these for my repair I would have saved at least an hour. Had to disassemble partially cause I missed a step. LOL. Don't be afraid to fix it yourself, if you can read, and know how to use a screwdriver it's actually quite easy.

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