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A cheap fix to extend life of an already "ancient" iPod

ryoga402 -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Battery Replacement

iPod Classic Battery Replacement

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Very difficult

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I have had my iPod Classic for like 7 years, and while it worked fine for the most part, I was having battery issues for the last few years. First, the battery would drain/die if left in the cold for awhile, which was remedied by just not leaving it in my car overnight during the winter. After awhile of that though it just started getting much shorter operational time between charges, going from it's original standby time of about 2 weeks down to about 2-3 days. I finally started to realize the battery was probably shot and that replacing it would be a good decision.

Mijn oplossing

The tutorials (here and elsewhere on the internet) explicitly state how difficult it is to crack open the iPod classic, and how you will "most definitely" screw up the case during the process... so I was very hesitant to try it. The process of opening it is pretty nerve wracking, too. The entire time I flip-flopped between being as careful as possible and then using brute force like an otter trying to crack open a clam. After resigning to purposely bend the left and right sides of the case out a little bit though, it was pretty easy to pry open the other edges.

I ended up yanking out the ribbon cable on the bottom without "releasing" the lock first and was worried I had broken it. The other cable's locking mechanism doesn't look like it's supposed to flip up in the first place, but using the fine tip of the spudger allowed me to unlock it easily. The actual battery came out easily though, at which point I put the back casing into a vise grip to bend the edges back.

New battery put in, but had to bend the bottom ribbon to mimic the old battery so that it would fit into the connector nicely. The case snapped back shut quickly and I was done.

It's only been like 3 days, but after fully charging the new battery and using it everyday, it's still at "full" charge! Seems like this fix was exactly what my iPod needed and I kinda wish I had done it years ago.

Mijn advies

Like the guide says, don't worry about bending the case; I would suggest just trying to only bend out the left & right sides though. If you have access to a vise grip (with padded "contact points") then definitely use that; the "rolling on a table" method did absolutely nothing. A vise grip also will allow you to bend both sides at the same time and let you line them up with the straight-edge of the vise.

Also, when I first opened the case, the foam padding was "stuck" to the logic board which obscured my view of the battery connector ribbon. It also scared me because what I saw overall didn't look like the tutorial at all and I thought I had been following the wrong instructions. So just be mindful of that if you open yours and it doesn't look like the pictures.

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iPod Classic (Thin) Replacement Battery


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