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iMac Water Damage

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A relative of mine had a house fire and the iMac was in the basement. This spared it the fire, but not the water damage from the fire department putting out the blaze. After getting back in the house a week later, I was able to get the computer out, but I wanted to look inside to see what was damaged and make sure it was dry before booting it up.

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After receiving the toolkit, I was able to take apart the computer with ease. It has every bit I needed and even the lesser known suction cup to remove the glass. I was able to take out all pieces to see which were damaged and which were perfectly fine.

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Looks like I might need a new logic board for it but everything else seems to be golden. If you ever need to take apart an iMac, a suction cup to take off the glass screen is needed. The screws to remove are under it. Also, T8 is the size bit you need for just about all the internal screws. Remember to keep any boards or chips you have away from rugs and, as always, make sure its unplugged. I also suggest removing the power cable from the back of the computer so it can lay flat easier.

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