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Nexus 5 Screen Repair

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I bought my girlfriend a Nexus 5 on launch day last October. She dropped it getting out of my parents car about two months ago. The "repair shop" kisok at the local mall here in Burnaby, BC wanted $230 to repair the screen.

I figured on a $350 phone that was a terrible deal. So I looked up on your site how to do the repair myself. As well as around the web.

I got the screen from EtradeSupply.com. It was about $100. Plus the toolkit at $65 was a way better deal. Especially since I can use the toolkit for other things, like my iPad screen that my cat broke two weeks ago >.>

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I actually just did the repair this morning. It was my first time handling internals of a smartphone or tablet. There was a lot more adhesive than listed in any guide I read. The battery was by far the worst. But overall it went great. The device works as normal. I tested the cameras, call quality, and speakers. I just have a headphone test remaining.

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The Nexus 5 battery has a fair bit of adhesive on it. There are four strips in a square pattern under the battery.

I ended up taking out all other components before dealing with the battery. I didn't want to crack or break any of the other components. I really did have to pry it out. I felt at one point any more prying pressure would have damaged the battery itself. But I managed to pry it out safely.

Oh one final thing, the speaker used for phone calls, it has a small bracket that it sits in. Like the battery it is held down by adhesive. It is better to remove the speaker, then use tweezers to get under the bracket. The bracket is just plastic so you don't have to be super careful with it. At least compared to the battery.

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