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Just as expected

Ivan Veloz -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

40 minuten - 1 uur


Mijn probleem

My iPhone fell of a table, rotating as it went down, and the screen smashed into pieces. It had fell off before, but never rotating and hitting the hard floor face down.

Mijn oplossing

I thought the pentalobe screwdriver was crap, but it did its job (it only has to work for 4 operations total, anyway). The little vacuum cup didn't work at all on the smashed screen, and barely worked when I taped it over (read the advice below).

The clips on the display can be sturdy, but the do give in.

Removing the unclipped display assembly from the device was very very easy. The flex cables use much better connector design than the ZIF connectors typically used elsewhere (a ZIF connector is the same kind of connector that a laptop keyboard uses).

I fgured out that the iPhone 5 is very well designed to fix most common breakdowns easily.

The most delicate part of the job came when removing the camera and home button assembly. The camera and earpiece come off normally, but are tricky to install on the new display if you want the camera to be centered.

***There are two plastic brakets on the original LCD that the replacement LCD does not have***

These are transparent plastic brackets that are stuck to the LCD to align the camera and the proximity sensor. I transfered those over, because I don't want any chance of my camera shifting around. IFIXIT SHOULD COVER THIS IN THEIR GUIDE.

Now, for the home button. The home button consists of the plastic button that you see on the outside of the sensor and a flex board that contains a tactile switch. This flex board has 2 gold plated contacts on it and it's stuck to the display assembly. The idea here is that you unstick that. It can be very hard. You can rip the golden contact off the flex board if you try to push it in the wrong way. Perhaps a heat gun could help.

The LCD bracket is easy, but dont mix the screws.

Reinstalling is easier, for the most part. As I mentioned earlier, the camera assembly is the tricky part. The home button is easy, the bracket is trivial.

Now, putting the display assembly back on the phone CAN be tricky. Please mind that the flex connectors don't make any audible click or tactile feedback when you push them in. My way to try it is to push them in and then slightly pry them out, if they click, then I know they were connected, so I push them back into place.

Please note that the display has some tabs at the top that you have to fit into grooves in the aluminum chassis of the phone. If you don't, the top part of the display stays out of the phone.

The clips on the side, I recommend to work on one side first and then the other.

And then the pentalobe screws... I hope you didn't lose those.


I belive I've been told that nobody sells original Apple displays except Apple. In other words, all replacement LCDs are copies. Now,I don't know how things work in the China factories, but this LCD, although slightly different, is very high quality. Not only the image is good, but also the display assembly, brackets, mounts and screw threads are good. It comes well protected and everything.

Something I notices is that when the display is off, it looks slightly reddish, the original one doesn't. The image is good, but I think it's slightly worse than the original. I cannot say for sure unless I get another iPhone 5 for comparison.

This review is for the model with no camera or home button. I actually wonder about the quality of the camera in the replacement screen that includes it.

Mijn advies

Try to use the widest plastic tape you got, as air leaks into the suction cup when you are pulling if you have gaps or overlaps between pieces of tape.

If you have LCD display double sided tape, you could cut a small piece to tape the home button flex into the new display assembly.

When taking the LCD back in place, mind the tabs at the top of it, and clip one side first, then the other.

Read the paragraph that starts with 3 asterisks.

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