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Macbook Air 2011 and iPhone 4S battery replacement

Pedro -

MacBook Air 13" Late 2010

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MacBook Air 13" Late 2010 Battery Replacement

15 minuten


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My Macbook Air 2011 and my iPhone 4S needed a new battery because they were draining too quickly.

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Overall everything went well. Apart from the fact that i couldn't find a Bit from the toolkit. My assumption is that it was already missing because i took a photo before opening the devices and the Bit was already missing. Not a Bit required for the job though.

Anyway, the most important thing i would like to address is that after replacing the battery of the MacBook Air (MBA) i've started to have problems. The same issue as some users reported regarding the sudden shutdown and the warning to replace the battery. SMC was reset but nothing changed. It's seldom and random issue hard to screen and make sense of what is causing it.

Today I opened the MBA again to make sure that every connector is attached properly. Nothing was out of place or unattached at least that i could see. I unplugged the battery connector and plug it in again, closed the MBA and now it seems to be working properly.

The last time it started to shutdown after 40%. Let's see if it will happen again.

The iPhone replacement was really easy to do and no issues were encountered.

Despite it wall, i'm happy with the package(s) quality and delivery.

[UPDATE] Already got the Bit missing. No cost. Great service.

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No advice. Extremely easy to do it. You just need to be patient and careful with it.

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