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New iPhone 4 Battery fixed my phone!

wisfarmgirl -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

5 - 30 minuten


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My iPhone 4 kept shutting down, even thought the battery status said 75% or more. Except if I put my phone in airplane mode or if I was connected to wifi or if my phone was plugged into a power source. I tried every thing from Resetting Network Settings, Reset All Settings, DFU reboot, restore, etc.

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But then I thought I'd try a new battery and once I had my phone open I'd look to see if the antenna was partially unplugged, or any corrosion, etc. I ordered a battery and was so surprised that it was only $19.99 with $5 shipping. It arrived in 2 days! I watched the instruction video twice and printed out the directions. I was nervous, but my phone was useless as is so it was worth the try. It wasn't too hard and thank you for the free liberation kit! Everything went smooth and took about 10 minutes. My iPhone 4 has been running perfectly - like new - ever since!! I'm so happy!! Thank you ifixit!!! Sincerely, Renee

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Just try a new battery! It's only $19.99. Definitely watch the instruction video and prepare your work area so you don't loose any of the little screws. It was a little tricky getting the old battery out (it was really glued in) and getting one of the loose pieces back in, but it all worked!

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iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


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