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My wife and her shattered iPhone 5s

Jose Angel Gonzalez -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 5s LCD and Digitizer Replacement

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So my wife accidentally threw a plastic bag on the concrete floor containing her phone and a few extra items when we went to the pool. We both heard the phone hit the ground but we were not worried since it was not that big of a deal dropping the bag an arms distance. As the day went on, we finally left the pool and as she went to grab her phone, she looks at me and says "Babe!!!" as if I had broke it haha. The screen was shattered! Almost as if someone grabbed it and threw it across a football field! Luckily, she has a husband that loves to tear iDevices apart for fun and fix them to!

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As stated, fixing iDevices is a norm for me. I had already repaired an iPhone 5c before so I figured it would be a similar process except for the Touch ID.

Everything went perfectly smooth! Albeit one screw and the Touch ID shield cover dropping on the floor and me looking for them all over with my iPhone's flashlight. Other than that, it went great! Took me about half an hour to forty-five minutes of my time. Once everything got put back together, everything was working perfectly fine! No problems whatsoever. I heard about the LCD and Touch ID problems that arise after reassembly and booting up the phone, but I did not encounter any of these issues.

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In the end, everything worked out perfectly! I highly advise to anyone thats going to purchase a Display Assembly for any iPhone to buy it from iFixit! Truly a premium product with everything intact (Front camera plastic piece, etc.) The Display Assembly I purchased for the iPhone 5c I had repaired from another company did not have any of this and felt more cheap.

I also advise to keep a very safe place for all of the screws and parts when you are disassembling the phone. Its very easy to lose track of them if your not careful.

Make sure you have the right tools! I've had iFixit's tools sets for years now and have never let me down!

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