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I'm singing in the rain with my iPhone 5S


Mijn probleem

This is not one problem - it is a past problem, a current problem, and likely a future problem. Last Fall I got a call from my 20 yr. old son at college "I dropped my iPhone in the toilet!" I did not want to know how or why - too much info. He had no magic bag of rice, so used Easymac instead. While at camp in the Adirondacks, the same son's friend dropped her iPhone in the lake - rice bag. Then three day later my son, who had bought a waterproof speaker system to protect his iPhone while sailing - Yup - his unprotected phone went in the lake - and then into the rice bag of shame. Then, late August, I get a call from my older son - Travel Manager for a world bus tour company - his phone went into salt water near Cape Canaveral - no bag of rice or Easymac available. My phone was on a bench while I played softball and the heavens descended - by the time I got to the phone, it was sitting in a puddle on the old bench. Straight into the Thirsty bag in my softball bag.

Mijn oplossing

Well, the toilet phone was restarted one day after its life in EasyMac. Temporary success for two days - replacement phone bought at Apple Store. The big lake phones went into rice bags of shame. Both stayed in bag for three days and both were working 98% when turned on. (strange, random, USB connector messages). iPhone at Cape Canaveral - may it rest in peace! Replacement phone bought. My phone - turned off for three days in thirsty bag - no problems - not even one pink water indicator.

Mijn advies

I have no images. But, I now have given the camp and my two sons multiple thirsty bags from ifixit! A penny in time saves nine. I have used these bags many times in the past and my first wish for my sons was that they had one in their backpacks. So, it is done! Do the same for a phone you love.

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