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100% Dead battery

mertman256 -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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On a Friday my iPhone battery percentage was going haywire and so I decide to close apps and turn it off, how ever it never turned back on and even when it was already on the charger and charging so I knew it was not any thing else, so I was without a phone and looked up batteries and found this site, which I've seen before when coworkers broke their devices and ask me rough prices.

Mijn oplossing

So I ordered the iSlack, project mat and battery with tools and it came on Monday so right when I got home from work I started my repair. I ripped open my project mat and started labeling what I knew I was going to take out, pent screws, battery top left screw, battery bottom left screw and bracket. I then opened up the iSlack and screwed the suction cups onto it, got my iPad out and opened up the page for the repair. I then took out the screws and tried out the iSlack, from the iSlack video they opened it up in seconds, now they must have used one they open a lot but it still did not take long and a lot easier than the one suction cup as I tried to take the screen of a coworkers before. I then unscrewed the bracket for the battery skipping the screen detach steps the small screws themselves are annoying as you are unsure if they are coming up and you don't want to put too much pressure on them so you don't strip them. Once I got it up along with the connector I tried the new battery just to see if it would at least go past the lightning bolt icon and it did! I unhinged the new battery and got working on prying the old one out, took me about 20 minutes or more and it takes quite a bit of time, I read that people used heat but instead of a hair drier or anything else I used my breath for a bit and once I heard the adhesive coming I knew it was coming up. Once I got the old battery out I put the new battery in its place plugged it in and screwed it down, it was so nice having the mat as I knew which screw went where and would use it in the future. After I turned it back on I had no service but wanted to back it up so I did that first while charging and reset it after I was done. The new battery works great, so much more life to it, usually it would be dead in half a day but now I can use it all day and by the time I go to sleep its about 20% or so.

Mijn advies

This repair is not that hard but the battery is a little bit of a pain to get out, again don't use too much pressure on the screws, you don't want to strip them. You may skip the screen removal process just you won’t get much leverage from the top of the battery, if you can have 2 people with the screen on it might be easier to pry it from multiple locations at once.

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