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Perfect replacement for swollen battery and click-wheel issue

jdonato -

iPod 4th Generation or Photo

iPod 4th Generation or Photo Battery Replacement

iPod 4th Generation or Photo Battery Replacement

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Out of nowhere, iPod Photo began acting weird and almost unresponsive to clicks on the wheel. Almost every click skipped to the next song or did nothing. Could not access Menu, etc. I immediately suspected a swollen battery making pressure over the click wheel. Using your excellent repair guide, I opened the iPod and confirmed the battery was indeed swollen, a lot. So I ordered the iPod Battery Replacement.

Mijn oplossing

Your guide is so excellent, the replacement went smoothly, almost too easy. In 5 minutes everything was back in place and working just as good as new (or better, with more battery life). Remember that I already had the iPod opened, which usually is the hardest part of this process. This repair story is boring, nothing interesting, but for me, I love when my repairs go this way, so easy. The most difficult part of the re-assembly was connecting the battery cable to the iPod, took a little time to bend it the way it needed to and to be sure it didn't got stuck on the edges while reassembling. I believe this is a testament to the excellent service iFixit provides; great, detailed and illustrated guides, the perfect replacement part, extremely fast shipping (USPS Priority arrived in two days!,-- in my area it usually takes more than 5). In all, a perfect experience. Thanks!

Mijn advies

I wholeheartedly would recommend anyone trying this repair to buy the necessary tools in addition to the part. Trust me, you will need them. I didn't have to buy them because I already had them, from a previous replacement I helped a friend with. With the correct tools at hand, the only other thing you need when opening this iPod is patience. Take it slow, go around the iPod with the tool, and it will open with just a little effort. Do not force it or you will break the plastic clips. Happy repairing!

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