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Kids and the Xbox 360S

Bryan Packer -

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My son lost his balance and landed on the open drive tray of our Xbox 360S, leaving the gears misaligned.

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Removing the case from the Xbox was exceedingly difficult with the tray sticking out the front, accessing the back side to pry apart the clips was quite awkward to do.

Fixing the drive itself was a matter of brute force, as there are no iFixit guides for the drive itself.

Side note, a TR8 Torx was not needed for this fix

Mijn advies

For the lite-on phillips drive, you pretty much have to use brute force and a little prayer. Once you remove the rubber piece near the back (sound dampner and it keeps the drive from wiggling), remove the sponge foam strip at the front (allows the drive to close silently) and the 4 screws. You then remove the top piece (some videos will actually have you remove the top spin plate, but that is not necessary). Slide the drive components towards the front, after lifting the front to clear the base pins from the other half of the case. Then carefully remove the drive tray from the side lips holding it in place, starting from the back of the drive and using it's flexibility to free it one tab at a time towards the front.

Once free you'll notice a small guide pin on the right side (from the front view) near the gears, manually rotate the gears (lowering the lens assembly) untill the pin lines up on the far right side (there should be a guide track for it on the bottom of the tray). Slide the tray back into place making sure the guide pin is properly aligned into the guide track.

You can do a partial reassembly to test the fix, but be careful as the power cord "key" is a molded part of the case, so it can be inserted upside down.

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