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Non-techie wife replaces husband's pathetically cracked iPhone screen.

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iPhone 5

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 5 LCD and Digitizer Replacement

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Alas! My husband is a klutz sometimes! His iPhone 5 screen was completely shattered but still worked. He was going to send it into APPLE but I watched the video tutorial and I told him I could do it. I sensed he had doubts so I was pretty determined to prove that I could handle it.I did and now out marriage is better than ever and so his iPhone!

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I watched the ifixit repair video a few times and took the plunge- I ordered the front assembly replacement kit with the tools and a project mat. When I first tried the suction cup it it would not stick at all because the screen was so badly cracked. I applied packing tape to the screen and gently used the side of a credit card to get the bubbles out of the tape. Voilà! The suction cup worked and the screen came off after some gentle coxing with the cute plastic prying tool. The tape also kept all the glass from cracking into the phone- some glass did from the sides of the front assembly when it was removed but I hadn't covered that part with tape. I just turned the phone upside down and I shook it out.

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I do wish I had a #001 screw driver with a magnetic tip to help hold the tiny screws in place and possibly tweezers. Flipping the tiny screws over was tough, I used a teeny bit of model clay on the top of the screw, put it in place and gently held it down with the pentlope screwdriver while I plied the bit of clay off of the screw head and got the #001 screwdriver in the place. The project mat was awesome- I would have been lost trying to put it back together without laying out the steps and going backwards I just crossed each step off. To those of you who are scared to try it- TRY IT, if I can do it!!!! Also husband now thinks I'm a rock star and I feel really good that I tried something way out of my comfort zone and it worked!

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Magnetic Project Mat


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