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Better late than never!

bluespruce -

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I've owned my MacBook Pro A1212 for over 8 years and in that time have replaced the battery twice. The 1st time I purchased an after market unit with more capacity. It was a mistake. My laptop is nearly always plugged in and I really didn't need a longer battery life. Over the coarse of that battery's life the darn thing expanded and defaced my touch pad upper case assembly making my clicker some times "on" all the time.

My original introduction to Ifixit was for a replacement upper case order #736581. Using the pro tool set and spudger, I was able to easily follow the instructions from you that I down loaded and was successful in that replacement.

Encouraged by my success it only seemed right to finally make plans for the inevitable HD failure I haven't yet experienced. Using the SuperDuper download I formatted and zeroed a Toshiba USB3 drive I had purchased to finally backup my system. It's a 2TB unit and with only USB2 on my Mac it's taken 21 hours to complete. I'll partition it and create a backup tonight. Once I'm convinced that I'm backed up I'll then do it again with the new 256BG SSD I recently purchased in preparation for its installation. I expect to partition it first to enable the installation of a "Sandbox". I printed up the SuperDuper manual last night and find their philosophy of the sandbox both interesting and wise. I'll use my still good OEM 160GB drive as a working backup utilizing the USB case you sent.

I was an ET at the USPS before retiring a couple years ago and your site has provided me the tools and parts I've needed to maintain my own equipment. I'd have no problem recommending what you provide to any one!

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Couldn't have been better

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After using my own magnetic automotive parts tray and mentally keeping track of all those itty-bitty screws, I purchased your magnetic screw mat on which I can make notes. A great product.

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