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ipad mini adventure

ramoncastro12 -

Mijn probleem

ipad mini digitizer screen crack as my granddaughter(2 yrs old)was watching disney junior jake and the neatherland pirates, she got excited and and threw the ipad up into the air, resulting a crack screen. Which was

The reason why I need to fix it.

Mijn oplossing

I started the repairs right after I'd recived the ifixit tools and the ipad mini

screen. Halfway thru the repair process using the repair guides from ifixit,

was very exciting, but then came a snag, the digitizer screen flex cable did

not have a part(IC chip) as shown in the guides. The repair process.

Mijn advies

Exciting and fun. When shopping for ipad mini parts, take the time to ask question to the seller, is it the right part, is a complete part or not? If you do not do your homework(as in my case)you will end up in a disappointment

with a bad experience through discovery that would make you want to cry.

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