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Inconsistent Home Button

Jsears18 -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Home Button Replacement

iPhone 4 Home Button Replacement

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The home button on my verizon iphone 4 was only sporadically working. While it's an old phone I no longer use much, I do give it to one of my kids at crucial times, such as waiting in a long line at the grocery store. Him finding a game he likes usually buys me plenty of time. But with the home button not working all sorts of frustration can set in. Using the Assistive touch feature didn't quite solve the problem, at least not in the hands of my 3 year old. Given that I the iphone was old and cracked on both sides (besides the problematic home button), I decided to look for ways to fix the problem. When iFixit popped up in my search, and when I saw the very explicit and very visual repair guides, I decided to give it a go.

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I did have some snags, but overall it went really well. Just the process of looking inside and picking apart the iphone was really cool. Opportunely (for me), I misplaced some screws. I had re-installed the home button and was putting things back together. I decided to ignore the missing screw which was one of the four corner ones and finish putting the phone back together. When I found the screw the next day, I decided this was a perfect reason to open up the phone again. At this point, I hope something else goes wrong so I can try to fix it. Anyway, the whole process has been great. The instructions are really great.

Mijn advies

I bought two pentalobe screwdrivers I found that the one which came in the iFixit repair kit (which was bundled with the new front display) was much better than the Phillips #000 that I bought separately. Also, I had a better flathead screwdriver in my own took box in comparison to either the iFixit Kit's flathead or the Flathead 3/32" that I also bought separately. Basically, the one I had worked better because it was slightly wider than the others. Last piece of advice: If you are at all sloppy (as I am) get one of those magnetic mats. It would have saved me quite a lot of time on my hand and knees looking for stray screws.

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