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Thinkpad T440s RAM + SSD

David R Hedges -

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Purchasing RAM and SSD upgrades from laptop manufacturers when ordering is a big rip-off (and the selection is limited), so I almost always do this myself. Unfortunately the latest generation of Lenovo Thinkpads has greatly reduced reparability, now requiring a spudger to remove the entire bottom part of the case to accomplish these tasks. Even with that extra hurdle, I decided to go for it myself.

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The process is relatively well documented in the Thinkpad hardware maintenance manual and on youtube, but that doesn't make it easy. Undoing roughly a dozen clips inside the tightly fitted case, even with a spudger, is no easy feat. I did manage, after much time and frustration, to complete the process, but significantly marred the plastic spudger and very slightly marred the case near the front right corner :(. Still, the result is *much* better than if I'd tried doing this with my fingers or a screwdriver (I attempted a much simpler process of separating a T61 bezel a few weeks earlier without proper tools).

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The spudgers are helpful, but no magic bullet. Shame on Lenovo for this design change (but Thinkpads are arguably still the least bad laptop on the market).

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