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iphone takes a swim... in a lake. aka "iphone has a really bad day"

sabrinaljo -

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It all started that fateful afternoon I decided to go to the beach. Having forgotten a swimsuit I figured I'd just wear shorts and a tank. This would have worked out fine of course had I not forgotten that my iphone3g was nestled happily in my pocket. The poor thing had survived four years of being dropped, rained on, and generally abused by neglect. A good ten minutes after jumping into the water a small thought crept its way to my frontal lobe... my repair fiasco began.

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My kitchen table was cleaned and a plethora of q-tips, tape, screwdrivers, parts, canned air, and rubbing alcohol took up residence for several hours. The phone was opened, every inch of it was cleaned of sediment, and a shiny new battery was put in. I closed it all up, pleaded luck from the universe, and plugged it in. Five minutes later the phone buzzed and the little apple showed up on the screen. Looks like Santa came early kids! My phone is back to good health, it's brand new little heart holding charge like a champ.

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Watch those baby screws. They have this annoying habit of taking flight, away to parts unknown.

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