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Never say Die!

pine -

Mijn probleem

MacBook (late 2008) 13" aluminum, much loved, but creeping too slowly to keep pace. What to do? cannot go back to PC world! cannot bite the $ullet on new replacement. Can I teach this old dog (me) a new trick?

Mijn oplossing

Marvelously! But without the excellent help of all you geeks out there, MacBook would have surely died.

The thing that scared me the most was being secure about booting back up without losing all my work.

The thing that surprised me most was just how filthy the internal compartment was and that noone in geekdom had mentioned that issue.

First the boot issue: Macinstruct, OWC and blog.paulbower.com saved me. The first two with excellent guides and explanations (that I had to read and watch multiple times to understand) and Paul to give me the solution that I wanted--get my data to the new drive before install, and make sure it works prior to surgery. With the help of Macinstruct and OWC I avoided the pitfall Paul forgot to mention (remember to partition the new drive).

Opening the computer and finding mountains of dust--I was not prepared for. I did subject it to the wonders of compressed air (from a very big compressor--and was scared I would blow the whole motherboard apart.) But dust is sticky especially when attached to little blobs of solder--so I think the appropriate brush would have been a wiser choice--But I did get it clean--and nothing went flying off.

I also managed to quadruple my RAM at the same time--and now I am back in the world of macLove

The whole operation went very smoothly and I thank you at fixya and the whole geekworld for making life after near death possible.


Mijn advies

Read many approaches and find the one that suits your way of doing things. Finding Pauls Blog helped me overcome my fear...be ready for the unexpected--and clean things up as you go! Oh--and make sure you have ALL the tools recommended. Fortunately when I found that I didNOT have the T-6 screwdriver--My local never fail me hardware store did--but you may not be as lucky! Whew!

500 GB 5400 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive afbeelding
500 GB 5400 RPM 2.5" Hard Drive


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