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iPad Mini Screen Cracked

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iOpener Instructions

iOpener Instructions

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Happen to get an iPad Mini (1st Gen) used on sale for my Daughter when she was 1 year old. (She's nearly 2 & 3/4 now). She loves that thing. We found it recently with a single crack running from the bottom left to the top right. We think she may have stepped on it.

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Rocky... I followed the instructions to the letter via this site, but with cracked glass, you don't have the luxury of the screen coming off in one piece. (I was putting in the last of the Guitar picks when I applied too much upward pressure and shattered the entire Digitizer (LCD made it tho).

Once I got it off and cleaned off the Digitizer (More on that later). Everything was smooth sailing from there on.

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// Customers

I bought the iOpener and the Kit. Good Deal had all the tools you need. However, I would keep the following on hand :

• Can of Air : Easy to blow out/off glass shards from broken Digitizers.

• MicroFiber Cloth : You will get fingerprints on the LCD.

• 2-3 Micro Bowls : To hold your screws.

Other advice :

• Read, Read, READ : There are so many things to forget and even things tutorials do not cover. (Cover Magnets, 2x Tape Strips on New Digitizer). iFixit has a great tutorial but they do have missing steps. Look around, especially on Youtube.

• iDevices are not made equal so expect differences in pictures.

• If your Digitizer is broken, you can cut the cord once you get the screen off. This will save you hassle and awkwardness. Your new one should have a cord and plug.

• Also, if your Digitizer is broken, lay an old sheet or tablecloth on your work area. Tiny Shards of glass in your hands are not fun after you're done working.

• Now all Digitizers you can get online are Apple Spec. I read up on 6 brands popular on Amazon. If you did not get your Digitizer from iFixit ensure you know how they have bundled and setup the interface for your iDevice.

• Home Buttons on cheap Digitizers. Do not expect them to feel like to original. They will use cheaper methods of manufacturing. Mine is a little "squishy", but works for a 2 year old.

// iFixit

• Your instructions for iPad Mini lack steps : Transfer tape from the old Digitizer to the new one. (One Small, one Medium sized piece of tape that covers certain parts of the ribbon.) I noticed these in your comments and had to do more research outside your website.

• Need clearer photos on certain steps. The steps on removing the tape at the bottom of LCD to free it from the frame was very difficult to see. It looked like the goal was the speaker more than the tape in the pictures. I suggest another angle or at least a photo without the Tech's hand with colored highlights of the tape and speakers and detailed text to ensure customers do not damage their devices.

• Your kit for mobile devices need to include a micro fiber cloth. Not the cheap cotton ones, the real ones. The ones you would use for $2000 Camera Lens. I happen to have one from way back and that made a huge difference when cleaning the LCD. I know you can make it happen :)

Anyone is free to message me for questions / concerns.

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