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First iphone repair experience

quinnloggins -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Pentalobe Screws Replacement

iPhone 5s Pentalobe Screws Replacement

2 - 5 minuten


Mijn probleem

My earpiece in my iPhone 5s needed to be replaced, and since I had a small crack in my screen (which I'll repair soon thanks to ifixit!), they used this to state that the earpiece was damaged by the user, therefore voiding the apple care warranty I paid for!! The apple store offered to repair it for 175.00, and the lowest I could find was 140.00! That's when I decided to take it into my own hands. The earpiece was only 15.00 on amazon,(ifixit didn't have it available at the time), so I purchased that and all the tools I needed here at ifixit.

Mijn oplossing

The repair went very smoothly. I was a bit thrown off because my iPhone 5s was a newer model without the cable connecting the home button. There were some other differences too, but I was able to navigate pretty well! Love the liberation kit! The toolkit I bought has been a lifesaver as well! It only took me about half an hour to fix, and I was back to normal again!!

Mijn advies

Keep up with the screws whatever you do!!!! Also, look at some of the other tutorials for newer iPhones that are not yours for a reference towards some of the differences, as they seem to change things up constantly with disregard to model or make.

iPhone 5s Liberation Kit afbeelding
iPhone 5s Liberation Kit


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SIM Card Eject Tool


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Essential Electronics Toolkit


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