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Broken iPhone 5 screen

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I was out at a bar one night and had my phone in hand when I walked to the bathroom. The bathroom had these old type saloon doors that can swing either way. So there was a guy in front of me that walked in there first and just let the door go. It came flying back and hit the phone straight out of my hand. The screen shattered when it hit the tiled floor.

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I bought the Pro Tech toolkit for iFixit and a new screen from ebay. When the toolkit arrived I was really disappointed by how cheap and made in china it felt. The repair guide on iFixit includes a very helpful disassembly video but nothing for putting it back together. I had a hard time getting the top of the screen to stay put so I applied some force and eventually it clicked into place. It works perfectly now though.

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When putting the screen back on you will find some small grooves inside the phone case with matching protrusions on the screen at the very top where the ear piece is. Due to the flex in the cables you will need a firm hand to hold this in place throughout, otherwise the final screws won't line up.

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Pro Tech Toolkit


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